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The Gladestry Community Council is your elected or co-opted body which works on behalf of the local communities of Gladestry, Colva, Newchurch and Michaelchurch, equivalent to the electoral register for the Gladestry Polling District of the Brecon and Radnorshire Parliamentary Constituency.The Council may have a maximum of 7 Councillors.

The current Councillors’ details may be found listed by clicking “Community Council” on the headline. On behalf of the Community, the Council can: forward, and make, comments on planning applications in the area; provide financial support through grants to local organisations; and has a representative on the Governing Council of Gladestry School. The Council can also make representation to Powys County council in respect of the local environment, such as pot holes in the roads, ditches and drains, lighting, overflowing refuse bins and uncleared dog mess. 

The Council holds bi-monthly meeting in the village hall, and residents are welcome to attend to observe proceeding. There is also an Annual General Meeting held in May. The agenda for meetings and the minutes from meetings are posted on the Gladestry website under “Community Council”. Other items of local interest relating to village life, the school, village hall activities etc. are also posted on the website.

The website administrator, Bob Terry, has an email group that he contacts whenever a new entry is placed. If you would like to receive these messages, please let Bob know on <>.

If you have any issues of concern, or would like more information or advice on local matters, please get in touch with your local Councillor, or with the Clerk to the Council or by telephone 0154370700.

Kenneth Waugh March 2019

Clerk   email <

Clerk  is now Lorna Steel  March 2023

The local auditor was concerned that, although the website was in order in terms of inappropriate and out of date material, it was not obvious who had responsibility for this, and for the actions taken to manage website operations. In fact,these functions were overseen by the Clerk working closely with the website administrator, Bob Terry. In order to consolidate the processes, Councillors agreed the following actions:

         the website would publish a management statement which identified areas of responsibility;

         the Clerk’s job description would be amended to reflect this role; and

         website management would be a regular agenda item.

 [Taken from the minutes of the Council meeting held on 18 May 2020 (172)]

        In the statement above, the word “appropriate” means relevant to the website headings of “Community Council, Churches, Where to Stay and Village Notices and Events”. The word “regular” means the Council meetings in May and November.


Next Meeting: September 2023   at 7.30pm


The Community Council, which includes representatives of Gladestry, Colva, Newchurch and Michaelchurch-on-Arrow, meets regularly to discuss items of community interest.

The Council receives notification of all Planning Applications within its area and can, if it so wishes, submit formal comments. It also provides a forum for discussion of other matters that affect the community as a whole.

Meetings are generally held bi-monthly, on the third Monday of the month, at 7.30 pm, in Gladestry Village Hall and are open to the public.

Clerk to Community Council:

Kenneth Waugh

The Old School House


Kington Hereford HR5 3NR





Gladestry Village Hall

Gladestry Village Hall

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