The Gladestry Community

Gladestry Community Councillors

Mr D Carrington, Chairman &  Councillor
Mr D Carrington
Chairman & Councillor
01544 370322
Acorns Rising, Gladestry HR5 3NT
Mr Ian Ball, Vice Chairman and Councillor
Mr Ian Ball
Vice Chairman and Councillor
01544 370639
Maes Gelert, Newchurch, HR5 2QF
Mr Gareth Croose, Councillor (Co-opted at AGM May 2017)
Mr Gareth Croose
Councillor (Co-opted at AGM May 2017)
01544 370224
Baynham Hall Farm, Newchurch HR5 3QF
Mr Joseph Alman, Councillor (Co-opted at AGM May 2017)
Mr Joseph Alman
Councillor (Co-opted at AGM May 2017)
07989 879841
Upper Rabber, Gladestry, HR5 3EP
Mr Melvyn Hughes, Councillor
Mr Melvyn Hughes
01544 370629
Stone House, Gladestry HR5 3NU
Ms Jane Bisby,  Councillor
Ms Jane Bisby
01544 370242
Cwmynace, Colva HR5 3RA
Mr V J Lloyd, Councillor
Mr V J Lloyd
01544 370636
Tremaen, Gladestry HR5 3NT


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Mr   Kenneth Waugh, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Mr Kenneth Waugh
Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
01544 370700
Email Mr Kenneth Waugh
The Old School House, Gladestry Hereford HR5 3NR
Mr ​Michael Jones, County Councillor
Mr ​Michael Jones
County Councillor
01544 370259
Email Mr ​Michael Jones
Weythell Farm, Old Radnor Presteigne LD8 2RR
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