The Gladestry Community

SCAM warning

This SCAM warning has been sent to WI members, but is of general interest.


There is a scam going round which you might like to warn the Federation about. People are being sent an e-mail supposedly from the N.H.S. asking them to fill out a form if they want to have a vaccination against Covid 19.  They are asking for personal details and ultimately details of a bank account in order to pay! We know this is not necessary as every eligible person will be contacted by their surgery in order of priority and more importantly there is no charge but this is a clever scam with no spelling mistakes or obvious alarm bells. There is always someone looking to make money when people are at their most vulnerable so I thought I should pass this on as a lot of our members will be waiting to hear when it will happen. It is always worth reminding our members to be vigilant and not to believe everything they read.

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